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Are you looking for an easier way to save your doodles and poems? Instead of collecting thousands of papers a year, just use the Apen. The Apen is a safe and easy way to upload your wonderful works of art to your computer. If you decide that you don’t like one or two lines, you can easily edit your writings or drawings in edit mode. This pen makes it possible to have an online portfolio without any of the hassle. It has never been so easy to share your notes and drawings on Facebook.

In the office or on the go the Apen will change how you sign. You can take notes and send them to your blackberry. Taking this pen anywhere is easy. Home, office, or even out in the pouring rain, it fits right in your pocket. Apen enables you to efficiently take notes and upload them to your computer. You can even transfers over your handwriting into text.

Feel like you want to make more friends? Look no further, all you have to do is take adequate notes. People will no longer look at you as if you are to techie. Take notes with the Apen and upload them onto your computer. You can then email them to whomever didn’t make it to class, work, or the meeting. Be appreciated for thinking ahead of the curve when taking notes with the Apen.

Taking notes is never fun but how about proofing reading someone else’s work? With the Apen you can now blue-pen an essay or term paper. All you need is Microsoft Office Word. Editing has never been as much fun as editing with the Apen. Color-code the mistakes by, red, green and yellow with a simple click of the mouse. Help someone by having fun with their work.

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